Under the name Education, Politics and Society – Builders of a new country, the University Rafael Urdaneta (URU) will hold its more than four decades of professional contribution, with the forum which will run from Monday 19 to Friday 23 October 2015.

As it has done, the URU contemplates an anniversary program that includes discussion of various topics, combined with interesting artistic presentations.

The week starts with the Festival URU Voice on Monday, October 19, at 5 pm On Tuesday 20 will be dedicated to recognizing employees, teachers and outstanding students who entered the Honor Roll, as well as the final match of the tournament student football.

On Wednesday, October 21 will be held the Day of Economic Criminal Law, which will focus on private corruption in Venezuela, the crime of conspiracy and its connection with economic crimes, and extraction, trafficking, and smuggling of materials strategic as a new manifestation of organized crime in the country.The invited speakers are Dr. Alberto Jurado, Francisco Santana and Fernando Fernandez.At 6 pm the 5.cello Group will debut on the stage of the Great Hall of the Aula Magna.

On the morning of Thursday 22 October will speak on urban planning and public policy in the Teleforo that will involve political scientist Luis Schloeter from Washington (USA), who will address the issue of financing urban infrastructure in America America and the Caribbean, and the architect Luis Carlos Barreto, in Argentina, who will present the experience of participatory model for physical habilitation self-constructed neighborhoods in Aragua state.

Then, with the support of the Hanss Seidel Foundation, at 3 pm, economist Orlando Ochoa Venezuelan economy will dictate the conference: after the economic downturn, reconstruction.Then, at 5 pm will be held the Meeting of Choirs «Oswaldo Nolé», with the participation of the Choir of the University of Zulia, the Choral Society of URU, and Coral Yacht Club.

On Friday, October 23, at 9 am, Dr. Cristina Paz conference will live in family – high-risk experience?In parallel, the Academies of Zulia will meet with representatives of the parliamentary bloc of the region to deliver a document with their views on the crisis facing the country.

To end programming anniversary, at 3.30 pm the film forum of the movie «NO» (2012), whose panel will be composed by Dr. Jesus Esparza Bracho, rector of URU, and teachers Humberto Amado Cupello and Mary held Alexandra Semprun, director, and professor at the School of Political Sciences URU respectively.

All these activities will take place in the Aula Magna of the URU and are free admission.

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The first day WesternCriminal Law,will be held from16 to 18 Aprilat the Bar Association of Zulia state, in order to promote legal information, which will feature the top ten criminal lawyers in Venezuela.

So he was announced by the lawyerGustavo Garcia,during a visit toFinal Version,in which he invited all people interested in advice, training in the legal area.It is the first time that this forum and a meeting complemented with large and important characters in the subject is performed.

He stressed that the event will be a gala dinner conference, in which a posthumous tribute was also made toDr.Laline Rivera de Vergara,who was one of those who contributed knowledge to the Venezuelan criminal forum.

It will also be endorsed by theBar Association of Zulia state,Rafael Belloso Chacin Private University(URBE),the Institute of Social Welfare Advocate(InpreAbogados)and the Foundation for Training, Innovation and Legal Assistance(Fundacij).

The day will feature the following guest speakers:

  • Blanca Rosa Marmol de Leon
  • Alberto Arteaga Sanchez, of the Central University of Venezuela(UCV)
  • Jorge Rosell of the Pedagogical University Experimental Libertador(UPEL)
  • Sergio Brown of the University of Carabobo(UC)
  • Magaly Vasquez Andres Bello Catholic University(UCAB)
  • Humberto Prado of the Venezuelan Prison Observatory(OVP)
  • Hernando Grisanti Aveledo of the University of Carabobo(UC)
  • Jesus Vergara Peña of Private Rafael Belloso Chacin University(URBE)
  • Irasema Vilchez of the University of Zulia(LUZ)
  • Alberto Jurado Rafael Urdaneta University(URU)

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Maracaibo (EntreSocios) .-TheChamber of Construction of Zulia,invites its members and related to the conversation about the newLaw on Fair Costs and Prices,to be held on February 13 in the city.

Doctors Sonsiree Meza Leal (DPZ Abogados) and Alberto Jurado (corporate legal adviser) are invited to lecture on the implications of the recently enacted Act speakers.

For more information call: 0261 7913608/04146510523

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On March 26 the workshop of the New Organic Fair Prices Act was passedat Headquarters Chapter Zulia.

Exponents of this workshop were Attorney Sonsiree Meza Leal (DPZ Corporate Lawyers) and Attorney Alberto Jurado (Corporate Legal Counsel).

This workshop is given beginning the first of several workshopsThey will be teaching in the chapter for the trainingrepresentatives of member companies in various current fields of work.

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